About Us

Freightmeta.com was created to facilitate global freight shipping; it makes trade easier, as finding and choosing a carrier from all over the world is now simpler than ever.

Thanks to Freightmeta.com you get served online without having to make calls to find a carrier, often without success.

Our idea is that anyone wishing to have a freight shipped, whether an individual or a company, may get offers online. Offers are visible to everyone, enabling you to choose the lowest bidder. Carriers are selected based on their offer and reviews.

Carriers are also checked by Freightmeta.com when they do not send us the required documents or when they do not submit their offers for other reasons.

Moreover, Freightmeta.com provides Shipping Discount option, where you may find great offers from carriers. Carriers will choose to make a favourable offer instead of coming back empty or with only a few freights.

Shipping is maded by sea - air - road. Offers are submitted by transport undertakings, as well as by shipping agents or forwarders.

If you have any questions or comments please use the contact us page to express your inquiry.